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Connecting Conceptual Ideas to Physical Form

Eclectic Arts : People : Nature : Lifestyles : Photography : Painting

Painting: "Let Yourself Go ~ Love*Spirits Know"

Acrylic on canvas. 51cm x 51cm

Published paintings on pgs 128 & 129
International Contemporary Artists vol X.

For "Marlin and Octopussy" and all the mythical creatures from the
deep oceans; their playful world. They have their journeys and antics.
One fish, one sprite, in its lifetime plays many parts. Its acts being timeless for generations of dreamers.
Inspired by Shakespeare "All the world is a stage" and Paul Watson "Rainbow Warrior"

Mixed medium on 300gsm watercolor paper 42cm x 29cm
Various popular paintings from private collections


36" x 36" Textured Acrylic Canvas Painting

Horace arrived and we are just over the moon with him.
He is just what we wanted and with your touch a little better. Thank you so much. C.H.

 ART AUCTION supporting Mental Health will be held on
Friday 25th Jan 6.30pm at the Hidden Room for Artists,
503 Ruthven St. Toowoomba.(Next to Betros)
Coin Entry - ALL WELCOME!!  (SOLD to highest bidder :-)

MINIMALISM: Developing Idealism: From Tradition to Abstraction
"Infinite Energy"


I was born with Infinite positive-negative, (yin-yang) energy.
Nature is constantly in the gravity mode and plays out her Push-Pull game.  
She gives us numbers 1 to 0, thought forms, images & earthly treasures to play with.  
The infinite choices are now up to me, how I use or abuse her divine gifts.

My purpose in life is to try and keep in touch with her natural rhythms and
somehow balance these challenging energies.
"Trust in the Process"

None of these things move me. 
The rambling chatter surrounding my space is just that?
 As I take a deep breath ? I centre myself into my inner sanctuary,
take-in fresh energy, stay focused from within and let my mind take on a new clearer vision.
Each time I do this I open up new opportunities to alter my mood and
accept the mysterious offering

"Aloneness - Peace"

It?s at the innermost, darkest areas of my restless ?Aloneness? that I
find a place of quiet comfort and embrace the welcoming friend Peace.


"Sunset Grass Trees" Painting in private collection

Sunset rays heat the earth ~
day and night the ancient grass trees breathe ~
beckons to our soul. #haiku


  "Golden Sunset" Painting in private collection 



"West Australian Wildflowers" 3 acrylic paintings 


 ?If you stay closely united, you are like a tree standing in the
middle of a bush-fire sweeping through the timber.
The leaves are scorched and the tough bark is scarred and burned;
but inside the tree the sap is still flowing, and under the ground
the roots are still strong. Like that tree you have endured the flames,
and you still have the power to be reborn.
The time for this rebirth is now!? Pope John Paul II



           Full Moon at the farm 



The chickens are bending over backwards to please. 
    If this isn't love, I don't know what is!


Friendly Jessie the dog wants to play ball with independant Millie


Ruby is giving Lucky a manicure

Ruby, Millie, 2 willy wag tail birds, 1 black crow/raven, Lucky the dog & Ruby


Daisy, the quiet, wise, Matriach of the 3 cats is waiting for her Portrait painting


Dinner time for the three "Mishkateer's: Daisy, Ruby, Millie


 Poser, my kookaburra friend is waiting for me to hang up my washing!
He/she must like my vibes as I was 3 ft away with my Mobile Samsung.  


Painting of Canola Field at Narrogin WA. I wonder how many processes
there are before I buy the oil to fry my Parsnips? I keep checking the labels to
make sure there are no chemical additives.

Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Pamela Fay on YouTube: S I G N I F I C A N C E
If time were your father, would you treat him this way
If the earth were your mother, would you watch her waste away?

A CUP of FOCUS TEA with a sprinkling of FUN

An acronym for personal success

CONTEMPLATE - on your dreams and write them in your diary.
One line at a time is all that?s needed.

UPGRADE - your personal best, step by step and EXPECT a beautiful outcome. You are Unique!

PLAN - to achieve your unique signature style ? do not copy other people. Nobody can create your passion!

FAITH - have faith in the process of living according to your unique natural rhythms.

ORCHESTRATE - your Desire - your Passion to Have FUN with your creations. You are the conductor of your life!

CALL UP - your helpers, professionals, friends, to help with guidance.
Ask and you shall receive. So be it!

UNDERSTAND - that you are not alone - your helpers are
always willing to help.

STOP - be aware of your present moment thoughts - shift these (tweak them) so that they flow with your natural forward stream ? upstream. Not against the stream - backward stream. Pretend that you are like a white ripple on the river:
"Hear the white ripples - gently following their course - have faith in your flow" (haiku)

THOUGHTS ? be careful what you think about ? thoughts are fueled by your positive or negative desires and images, they work both ways; they boomerang whether you like them or not.

EMOTION ? feel what you desire - create your passion with laughter and fun.

ACTION ? Move your body - write down & play/doodle with your ideas - so they become energized, etched and then manifested into your life. Wait and see - it will be!

FROLICK ? have fun using your creative tools - tinkering with your recipes, plants, hobbies or art-works etc.

UNLEASH ? the hidden marks, forms, colourful designs, images.

NOW ? moments are the SECRET pathways for personal success.


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