n a d a i s m

Connecting Conceptual Ideas to Physical Form

Nada Hribernik-Godler     Holistic Artist

Heartfelt thanks to the many clients and friends who have
valued my work over the years.
I was born in Klagenfurt, Austria and moved to
Western Australia when I was 3yrs old. Ozzi Ozzi Oi Oi Oi !!! 
Why Do I Love To Paint?
Because Colour Influences My Mood.

My moods and images emanate from the dark and are
perceived in the light.  

First there is a vibration, a connection between the object and myself.   An emotion, a feeling, a yearning, a mood wanting me to be part of a curiosity, an understanding, an awareness of
MY-Self connected to the other kingdoms within the Universe - to express the I AM - the colour and mood of my ancestors, they are my Divine Inheritance.

I AM the warm hues and rays of a dreamy rose sunset, the reds, oranges, yellows, and white.

I AM the cool hues and rays of a salty gurgling ocean, the greens, blues, purples to the dark deep ocean bed.

I AM the observer of nature, the droplet of dew on a leaf, the reflection of me in the droplet, the rainbow rays behind me in the droplet.

I AM the smelly green puss oozing out of my second toe with the ruby red nail polish - because I am a human being - I need to slow down, watch and listen to nature's secret remedies. 

I AM the aroma of a vanilla, apple, walnut and cheese struedel - baking in the oven and the memory of my Mother's exhuberance and happiness while throwing the thin white pastry around her head - and crashing it evenly onto the green formica kitchen table.

I AM the Mother of my child and the provider of his security - who blesses me with his smile - who brings me a posy of colorful weeds - he's picked from the footpath - the weeds that grow season after season without human interference.

I AM a child of the Divine Universe - the creator of my my first breath - my first sounds, my smells, my feelings and my conceptual vision - to enjoy my inherited gifts from the Divine Intelligence.

I AM the colours and moods - they are within ME - and I am grateful that I am a living walking artist.  
Whatever "I think - I AM."

My favourite thing is the moment of connection. That instant where the thought in my head is crystal clear in someone elses head. That light that pops in their eyes when they see that their dreamscape has crystal clear potential, and for a moment,
love it just as much as I did.  

For one instant, they experience a deja vu, and the reflection
they caught in the ether while they stood there with me or from across the oceans.   They can hear my favourite tune echoing in the background, clear as a songbird whistling through gentle raindrops.

That insant is why I paint.
It is the moment where everything I am is immortal.
It is that moment when I am connected to my observer, and they love me -- not just my smile or my sense of humor, but my spirit and my thoughts.  That's my favourite thing about painting.

Today I realised for the millionth time that 'trying too hard' is counter productive to my intuition. Blessings to retirement and living creatively in my local community.

A new AHA moment ~ delve into the unknown ~ let my inner song paint a colourful doodle~~~~~until tomorrow~~~~~