n a d a i s m

Connecting Conceptual Ideas to Physical Form

             n a d a i s m    PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE & ART           


 Innerspace is filled with images of splendor as words fulfill the promise
of thought and inspiration in this
offering of a personal philosophy..

Nadaism - Philosophy of Life & Art

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Compiled and Edited by Martha Jette                                 


                        N a d a I s m -  PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE & ART

 Australia's own award winning published artist-photographer-poet-author,
Nada Hribernik-Godler, presents her natural philosophy creations in a series 
she calls Nadaism - Philosophy of Life & Art, which is now included in a collection called Nadaism. 
Your first question must certainly be: "What is Nadaism?"

 Nadaism is a concept, which takes into account holistic art, healing, lifestyle
and divine inspiration.   These concepts move from thoughts and symbols conceived through the Divine Love*Spirits to artistic expression on paper.

Nature has landscapes and seascapes. This talented artist expresses Soulscapes.

 The complex criteria for her oil, acrylic and watercolor pieces include the usual aspects of design, harmony and texture.  However, she also incorporates mood through intensity of hues, symbolism, the perfection of nature, the environment, the essence of a particular concept or message, truth through minimalism and a contemporary reflection of herself at any given moment in time. 
This reflection, which takes into account each color, connecting the
various kingdoms through the vibration of strokes, results from the energy
that she puts into each painting.

"Love and Blessings ♥ In Spirit We Are ONE"

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