n a d a i s m

Connecting Conceptual Ideas to Physical Form


 Inspiration for the Love*Spirit paintings

As a Reiki/Massage Therapist/Counselor I had the
opportunity to practice the art of healing since 1973.
During my therapy sessions my intention was to express my
healing capabilities by creating images of 'love' and
projecting these onto the patient.

Relaxation music played in the background which helped to
create an ideal space in my mind enabling me to better
project these healing vibrations onto the patient.
After the session, I went to my art room, sketched the images
and painted them. Sometimes I'd just start to write words
automatically, doodle little pictures or simply enjoy the
process of free expression.
I coined the term Nadaism from the 'puzzle' like technique
I developed to express 'Connections to various Kingdoms'
being mindful of ONENESS with the Universe - my reality
for the FUTURE.

What could be more loftier or more fascinating than

 "Love*Spirits" 10" x 8" Archive Print $15



 "On The Beach"     $1,115   SOLD
watercolour - 68cm x 55cm - framed


"Exaltation"    NFS
oil on stretched canvas
90cm x 60cm 


 "Joyful Love*Spirits"    $1,450   SOLD
72cm x 57cm oil on mdf board-framed 

  "Mother-Love and Child"  SOLD


 "Forgiveness with Love"  NFS 
84cm x 70cm  oil painting               

Oil painting - SOLD

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