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Connecting Conceptual Ideas to Physical Form

                                        AHA a New Moment In Time and Live My Inner Song

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Haiku  p o e t r y

A haiku is a seventeen-syllable poem.
It's arrangement has three lines of 5, 7 and 5
syllables -
a haiku poem portrays one event
from life happening in the now.

The Sacred Earth breathes
draw me closer to your dreams
 trust in my power


Spring awakens change
green rebels flexing muscles
Earth intent on growth


days are mixed with choice
decisions made yesterday
 have made space for more
winter solitude
cold breeze blows past memories
spring blossoms bring hope


dark thoughts are heavy
everything is beautiful
with a peaceful view


winter greens, spring buds
beckoning the bees sweet treats
soft blossoms and birds

Fate feeds me when I have the faith to follow my Love*Spirits


Did you know that you already know what you need to know?


"Who is 'I' - without words?"

"What's left, since all's been said and done in eons of time?"
"Enjoy what the God's promised and the gifts are mine!"

"Which G.O.D?"  Absolute, Infinite, Divine or the 
Gathering Of Deities - a 
wordless montage - succumb to
pivot the black & white see-saw energy flg



quiet moment rests
domestic shuffle ruffles poise
let it be outside

autumn mid morning
cloudy skies patches of blue
dove perched top of roof

cloning's meant for life
infinite imaginings
good or evil choice



I'm having fun stripping more clutter
minimalism is a shortcut to freedom

end of summer hots
autumn breezes, warm colors
delicious red wines

summer festival
soothing temples tarots read
collectors dreaming

sunrise market fair
worldly treasures from the best
succumb to senses

feathers spread soaring
spring berries soft for picking
busy ants marching

faith..focus..follow it through
the sky's infinite

listen to your voice
always reaching out for choice
show me the wonder


sun - soul of the world
rules the sparks within the seeds
rests in their bosom


sun's been set - four hours plus one
days gone by - without much done
want a night - filled with dreams
tell my mind - not to scream
take in breath - count to ten
slow right down - try again
body's tingling - letting go
in and out - with the flow
pressures gone - out the breast
meet with energies - and the rest
taken over - another calling
hovering over - before a falling
change position- then come to
with open eyes - a blink or two
set the day - another flip
wake up new - paint the trip.


woke up dozy - at the hour of four
turned over from pain - onto the floor
too many problems - on going to sleep
stirring emotions - all hidden deep
partner wakes up beside me
go back to sleep - let it be
chatter erupts - an unholy curse
come here beside me - don't make it worse
try to count sheep - too many tears
cry out your sorrow - release all the fears
you're not at all angry - I cannot forgive
forgiveness with love - sleep and let live



man * woman * bi * trani * big deal
closer look we're all so real

changing faces * top to toe
seems to be the modern go

snap decisions * good or bad
on reflection * seems quite mad

all the while * love resides
grasping * everything besides

feminine * masculine * in you and me
love*spirits too * if you can see

Inspired by William Shakespeare: "As You Like It"
All the world's a stage; and all the men and women
merely players; They have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts.
My take on this is; Inflated Egos searching their true selves.


global company on the phone
didn't like her superior tone

we have the answers to prorastination
no thanks, sounds like doctrination

come to us and you will see
am happy here, where I choose to be

we will help you with your career
how's that? I have all the gear

what is your occupation?
put it this way - I live on meditation

but what do you really do?
observation, creation and alienation too

love*spirits are born out of these
makes life flow like a breeze



as I like it ~ free from things

brush in hand ~ wait what brings

believe in Self ~ free the Spirit

center mind ~ there is no limit

transcend all ~ beyond belief

exaltation ~ love*spirits and relief



flying high over Great South Land
festive season's close at hand

holiday times - relaxin and dreamin
no phonin or workin - plenty of sleepin

free from shoppin - for lookin and lazin
time for reflectin - memories and eatin

out the window - nature's splendour
horizon's filled with cosmic grandeur

patterns etched - on earthen quilt
close to touch down - concrete built

capture snippets - show the world
not with anger - or empty words

love embracings - sharing parts
subtle offerings from the hearts

grasp the inner - nature's wealth
let it happen - 'flight into health'

Poem won first prize at: www.poetry.com 23/09/2001